Ken Jackson

Ken Jackson is the Police Chief for Swansboro Police Department for the last 3 years. He was born in Charlotte, NC but grew up in Swansboro, NC. He enjoys playing guitar, martial arts, spending time with his family.  

Goal $ 5,000.00
16.4% towards our goal
$ 820.00 raised
Rufus & Sharon Murray
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Renewal Resources
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Yana's Ye Olde Restaurant
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Tim & Eileen
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Sandra And Neal Watkins
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Show ‘em how it’s done Ken! Pull out those old moves!
Lisa & Chris
$ 50.00
Dance like no one is watching!!
Vicki & Roger
$ 50.00
Let Go and Have Fun!
The Minch Family
$ 50.00
Good Luck, Jess and Ken!!
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