Jennifer Kellum


Jennifer, owner of Neverland & Main Travel, resides in Jacksonville, North Carolina with her husband, Jason and two boys, Mason and Jackson. She grew up in a military family and went to Disney only a few times as a child. She attended University of North Carolina - Wilmington where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle Grades Education with a concentration in English Language Arts, Mathematics and Academically/Intellectually Gifted Children. After several years of teaching, Jennifer had her first son and decided to be a stay at home mom while working on her Masters. While planning a family vacation, Jennifer realized how much she loved it and how much she loved Disney! That started her on her journey as a travel owner and business owner.
Goal $ 5,000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 26,095.29 raised
Nicole Foreman Tong
$ 500.00
So proud of you, Jennifer!
The Piotrovskys
$ 100.00
Very proud of you Jennifer!
Mike And Angie
$ 500.00
We’re proud of you.
Victoria Requarth
$ 50.00
You are SO amazing, Jennifer!! Ridiculously proud of you!♥️
The Hurley Girls
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We love you!
Sarah Gerichten
$ 100.00
Cindy Cribbs
$ 100.00
Amanda Humphrey
$ 50.00
Super proud of you!
Diana Dedmond
$ 20.00
You are a great person. Nana loves you.
July Garrett
$ 50.00
You are an inspiration to us all!
Mat And Ann, May And Elizabeth
$ 100.00
We can’t wait to see you dance!
The Raymonds
$ 100.00
Way to go Jennifer!
Lobo Family
$ 50.00
We are rooting for you!! xoxoxo
Kimberly Patterson
$ 100.00
So proud of you! Go get ‘em! Shake that booty!
Mollie Tisdale
$ 100.00
You are SO amazing, and I’ve known it since those car rides to practice in high school. You made such an impact on me then and it’s always stayed with me. Here’s praying you reach your goal and continue to be an inspiration to all the women around you!
Elise Beall
$ 50.00
You’ve got this!
Heather Choate
$ 100.00
Terri Campbell
$ 50.00
Thanks for supporting such a great organization!
Adrianne Huls
$ 200.00
I am so proud of you.
Leigh Koch
$ 50.00
Shake it, girl!! You are an inspiration!
Tara Jones
$ 50.00
So proud of you, Jennifer Kellum!! You go, girl (and Michael)!
Kristin G
$ 50.00
Go Jennifer!
Brinker Fam.
$ 100.00
So blessed to call you a friend. We love you and are so proud of how you love others. #eatallthecandycorns
$ 40.00
Hope you are dancing to some 90’s gangsta rap :) Good luck!
Kelsey Bunetta
$ 50.00
You’re a rockstar! (Enjoy the candy corn)
Brook Payne Nowak
$ 25.00
You give everything you have! Love you!!
Scott And Ashley Smith
$ 100.00
Break a leg!
Nina Mahlum
$ 50.00
I don't want you to have to eat the candy corn but I want to help support. So sorry!
Amy & Anthony Trianoski
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Way to go girl!! ❤️
Scott Smith
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Johnathan Myers
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Innovation REI
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Russell Woods
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Sanders Ford
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Olivia Morris
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Wet Bucket
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Kellum Sod Farm Inc.
$ 1,250.00
JJ Mendez
$ 100.00
$ 425.00
I am so proud of you Jennifer!
$ 500.00
Thank you so much for all that you’re doing ❤️
Frances Jarman
$ 25.00
Katherine T
$ 75.00
Pamela Thomas
$ 200.00
Southern Leisure Builders, Inc
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Bobbi Bee
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Blend Tips Pt2
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Innovation REI
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$ 100.00
Donating again in honor of your birthday!
Vacation Raffle
$ 7,000.00
Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket or helped sell tickets! -xoxo, Jennifer
Christiana Conti
$ 100.00
You and Mike are going to be amazing!!!
Diana D
$ 100.00
Happy Birthday, Jennifer! Thank you for all you do for so many.
Frank And Tricia Fisher
$ 100.00
You are such an amazing and giving person!!
Brett DeSelms
$ 100.00
Andrew Fink
$ 100.00
Kate Brown
$ 100.00
“Dance from your heart and let your passion shine through!” - The Dance Mum Break a leg! XOXO
Julie Robertson
$ 50.00
Cheering for you!
Frances Jarman, Keep Dancing!!
$ 50.00
Jacksonville Rotary Club
$ 90.00
Travis And Jaimee Weeks
$ 100.00
So proud of you Jennifer! "Dance like no one is watching" LOL
The Trinidad Family
$ 100.00
You are an amazingly loving person and we are blessed to have you as our travel agent!
Ed & Paula Garris
$ 100.00
Pam Rose
$ 175.00
Lori Mayer
$ 50.00
Way to go Jennifer! What a great thing you are doing!
Gina Francis
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Claire & Frank Braxton
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Help Jennifer win the People's Choice Award. All proceeds benefit the Onslow Women's Center.