Hospital Advocacy

Hospital AdvocacyOnslow Women’s Center’s (OWC) Hospital Advocacy respond to Onslow Memorial Hospital for adult and juvenile sexual assault and domestic violence calls. The OWC Hospital Advocacy will also respond to the Naval Hospital on Camp Lejeune for juvenile (ages 13-17) sexual victims per request.

The Hospital Advocate’s primary role during the sexual assault/domestic violence call is to provide a “compassionate presence” to the victim. The Hospital Advocate also provides immediate crisis intervention, reinforcement of medical and/or legal explanations, and emotional support. Please remember that the Hospital Advocate should respect basic human dignity and the uniqueness of the victim, unrestricted by race, age, socio-economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of the current of past health problems. The Hospital Advocate shall maintain respect for the victim and/or survivor at all times. Onslow Women’s Center allows our volunteers and intern to participate in the Hospital Advocacy program.