Resource Guide

Resource Guide

Welcome to the official Onslow Women's Center Resource Guide. Onslow Women's Center wants to be able to assist every victim that is in need, this task isn't always possible as we aren't in the office all the time. As we do have a 24/7 Crisis line we can always assist our clients through there but when one cannot reach the phone the resource guide can come to help. This resource guide consist of two sections, our quick resources which are predominantly Jacksonville resources, and then the official resource guide in which you can choose what resource you need and in what city and if the resource is in our database then it appear if it meets the search criteria. As our resource guide is continuously growing, we wish to hear feedback or additional resources which may not be in the database at the time. Please use this resource guide to help ensure your safety and use it to your advantage!

Quick Resources


How to operate the OWC Resource guide:

1. Click on the link below, "OWC Resource Guide" 

2.. Adjust cell A2, with the drop down arrow, to the resources you need. (Cell A2 is located beside "Resources Needed") 

3. If needed, adjust cell C2, with the drop down arrow, to the city in which the resources are needed, if no city is needed select "None". (Cell C2 is located beside "City")

4. After these steps are completed wait for a few seconds it the resources that match your specific criteria will appear. 


OWC Resource Guide
  • Please note that at this time, there may be some technically difficulties in which the webform below will allow our clients to let us know of these issues. In this webform it will also allow anybody to inform us of resources that might not be on the guide at this time. Many more resources will be added to this guide before the official launch date. As OWC is still working to provide this guide to perform at the highest efficiency, these operations are subject to change. Thank you again on behalf on the entire OWC team and please do not hesitate to reach out to an advocate if additional assistance is needed. 


Onslow Women's Center created this research guide by recognizing many of clients need help finding resources in order to assist them in whatever situation they may be in. Times when we are not in office and cannot assist you is why we created this guide. Every single client is important to Onslow Women's Center and the team strives to help all clients to the best of our abilities. Please utilize this resource guide as we created it for our community. Letting us know your thoughts on our resource guide and suggestions to adjust it to be useful for everyone is greatly appreciated. Along with these comments, let us know of any additional resources that we may not have on our guide yet. Again, we all thank you at the Onslow Women's Center and are always happy to serve and improve our community!

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