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Resource Guide Beta 1.0 

All of us from Onslow Women's Center are excited to announce that we are publicizing the first version of the Resource Guide. The purpose of this resource guide is to assist all Onslow county and surround county residents in North Carolina to allow them to be directed to needed resources at a much higher efficiency. As it is still under construction, the official completed version is still underway. Our estimated date for the OWC Official Resource guide to go public is set for August 7th. Many resources have not yet been included in the guide yet but will be updated constantly, even after the official program releases. If you have any knowledge of resources that you do not see or are not sure if they are included, a link below will take you to a spreadsheet to enter this information which will then be added to the system by an OWC advocate. Please feel free to utilize this resource to your needs and to give us feedback if there are any issues and/or comments!

How to operate the OWC Resource guide:

1. Click on the link below, "OWC Resource Guide" 

2. After the file opens in a new tab, log into google & then click on "open in sheets" or you may download the file as an Microsoft Excel File. 

3. Adjust cell A2 to the resources you need. (Cell A2 is located beside "Resources Needed") 

4. If needed, adjust cell C2 to the city in which you may need these located, if not city is needed select "None". (Cell C2 is located beside "City")

5. After these steps are completed then in a few seconds it will show you all the resources that match your specific qualifications. 


OWC Resource Guide
  • Please note that at this time, there may be some technically difficulties in which the webform below will allow our clients to let us know of these issues. In this webform it will also allow anybody to inform us of resources that might not be on the guide at this time. Many more resources will be added to this guide before the official launch date. As OWC is still working to provide this guide to perform at the highest efficiency, these operations are subject to change. Thank you again on behalf on the entire OWC team and please do not hesitate to reach out to an advocate if additional assistance is needed. 


Onslow Women's Center created this research guide by recognizing many of clients need help finding resources in order to assist them in whatever situation they may be in. Times when we are not in office and cannot assist you is why we created this guide. Every single client is important to Onslow Women's Center and the team strives to help all clients to the best of our abilities. Please utilize this resource guide as we created it for our community. Letting us know your thoughts on our resource guide and suggestions to adjust it to be useful for everyone is greatly appreciated. Along with these comments, let us know of any additional resources that we may not have on our guide yet. Again, we all thank you at the Onslow Women's Center and are always happy to serve and improve our community!

Resource Guide Suggestions/Comments

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