Safety Plan

Leaving a relationship, especially an abusive one, is very difficult. Remember that every person has the right to feel safe from physical and emotional harm, especially in your own home. Create a plan that will protect you in your personal situation.

Put your important phone numbers together so that they will be available if you leave. Practice an escape plan for emergencies. Teach children emergency escape action and phone use. Keep payphone change in a safe place for self and children.

Ask neighbors to listen, watch and call police about suspicious people or activities.

Let someone know if you feel violence is about to happen. When violence does seem close, avoid the kitchen, bathroom, and rooms without doors to the outside.

Escape bag checklist:

  • Identification for self and children (driver’s license, passport, green card, work permit, birth certificate, social security card)
  • Extra set of keys (car, house, storage)
  • Credit card, bank book, ATM card
  • Address book, important phone numbers
  • Medicines or prescriptions, medical records
  • Extra clothes and personal hygiene products
  • Divorce, custody, or restraining order papers
  • Pre paid calling card
  • Insurance papers (car, health, life)
  • Welfare, food stamps, or Medicaid
  • Children’s favorite toy /blanket
  • Pictures, jewelry, keepsakes
  • Proof of income
  • Lease/rental agreement, house deed, mortgage payment book